Energy management
Every business is different
Most brokers and suppliers see all clients the same; they fix a contract price for a year or longer, based on what looks good at that moment.  With current market volatility and high prices, this policy exposes the customer with multiple locations to the greatest risk. 

In contrast, Business Gas believes that the only way to manage risks and reduce volatility is through a series of purchases.

To do so, we follow the market daily and take advantage of the most favorable rates. This spreads the risk over several small purchases, instead of taking a huge risk all at once.

Thinking Ahead
While others’ work is done once the contract is signed, at Business Energy our work just begins. One year before the contract is up we will start pricing the next contract to take advantage seasonal lows. This ensures you always have the best rates available.

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Our Energy Management

Service includes:

  • Leveraging multiple locations into the lowest rate
  • Working with multiple suppliers
  • Pricing in multiple markets
  • Managing market risk
  • Forecast pricing to ensure the lowest rates on future contracts