Frequently Asked Questions


What is Energy Deregulation?

Legislatures and the public utility commissions (PUC) of many states have opened competition for electricity and natural gas supply. In the past, one utility provided all parts of your energy service: generation, transmission, and distribution.

With competition, generation is separated from transmission and distribution. This allows consumers to choose their energy supplier, while the delivery of the energy is still regulated and is the responsibility of the local utility company.

What does this mean for you?

It means you have the right to choose your electric and natural gas provider and at the same time receive a substantial savings on your utility bill. 

At Business Energy we will price out multiple energy suppliers, find you the lowest rate and make the transition to a new power provider easy, fast and seamless.

Here is a quick story about Energy Deregulation

Q: Can I expect the same reliability with the new supplier?

A: YES. Regardless of which energy provider you choose, your electricity and natural gas will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the local utility company, a company still regulated by your Public Utility Commission.

Q: What happens if I have an emergency or power outage?

A: Because your local utility company is still responsible for the maintenance and repair of the poles and wires, you will call them in the event of an emergency or outage at the number provided on your bill.

Q: Why use a Business Energy Consultant?

A: The answer is simple: we save you time and money. Staying in-tune daily with energy markets, providers and new opportunities is a full-time job. With Business Energy you can capitalize on the benefits offered by deregulation without committing significant time and resources to understanding the complexity of the markets.  We get to know your business and your specific energy needs. Then we negotiate with energy providers on your behalf to get the best rates and options. After you have an agreement with a provider, we continue to service your business, and in case your needs change we are there to renegotiate new agreements that fit those needs. We do all the work. You receive all the benefits, including no out of pocket costs!

Q: How much does Business Energy charge for this service?

A: NOTHING. You don't pay us one single penny. The alternative suppliers in your market pay us for the opportunity to compete for your business... It is Win Win for everyone.

Q: What happens if my energy provider stops serving customers?

A: If this were to take place, which is very unlikely, you would not be without energy. Your energy provider must give you advance notice to give you time to select a new provider. However, if you do not choose a new energy provider, your service will automatically be switched to another provider for your area. In this case, your energy rate may increase, so it's in your best interest to find a new provider if yours stops serving you. Business Energy will monitor these situations and can provide you with a new retail energy provider if your current provider does stops serving customers.