Due to the highly competitive market for energy in the USA, the need to enlist an energy broker has become a crucial part of any business. Brokers are becoming more and more commonplace; In deregulated energy states over 60% of the electricity purchased involves the presence of an energy broker or consultant.

  • Which Supplier do you choose?
  • How do you compare confusing offers?
  • How do you manage risk exposure?

At Business Gas we are energy brokers that will assist your business in all matters regarding electricity and natural gas purchasing. Your business will get a dedicated account manager who will provide you with market projections, quotes from multiple suppliers for variable, fixed or hybrid pricing with 1- 10 year terms and design a long term energy purchasing strategy.

As market leaders in energy procurement and risk management solutions, Business Gas has been offering professional and unbiased brokerage service since 1995.

Whether you are a corporation, large industrial firm or a small business, we can offer you the most competitive electric rates available in the market.
Business Gas has a Dedicated Natural Gas Procurement Team, specializing in finding the best Natural Gas prices for your business.
Our Energy Management teams help businesses with multiple locations save even more money.
Green Energy
National Wind, Green-E or Carbon Credits; using Green Energy has never been easier or more affordable.
Get quotes from multiple energy suppliers and save up to 55% on your next bill.
Non-Profit Organizations
Non-Profit and Government Organizations can even get cash back for every kwh they use.